The Jade Rabbit Creative Lantern Making Contest (adults)

(Submission date: 11 August 2019)

Calling all lantern-making enthusiasts!

Cheras LeisureMall continues in its traditional Mid-Autumn celebration with the annual lantern-making contest!

Register now and submit your adorable rabbit-themed lanterns on 11 August 2019, between 10am – 2pm.

Register now:

1. This Contest is open to all Malaysian residents who have attained the age of fifteen (15) years old & above. Employees of PPB Group Berhad, its subsidiaries and / or its affiliates and their immediate families, advertising agents, suppliers, tenants and promoters working in the outlets at Cheras LeisureMall are not eligible to participate in this Contest.

2. For enquiries and submission of entry form, please refer to or contact the following:-

a) Information Counter at LG Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall. Tel: 03 9132 2386

b) Marketing & Promotion Department. Tel: 03 9130 5088, Email:

c) Online registration:

d) Or post your entry form to:


Marketing & Promotion Department, PPB Group Berhad

7th Floor, Cheras Plaza, No 11, Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar, Cheras 56100 K. L.

3. The closing date for registration of entry for the Contest is 26 July 2019 (Friday). Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

4. Contest participants must abide by the following standard requirements while making the lantern:

Design/Theme  : Rabbit and Mid-Autumn Festival

Material : One of the materials used must be recyclable or eco-friendly.


Size : Not smaller than 4’ (L/W) x 2’ (W/L) x 4’ (H)

(Lantern must be able to be hung, easily assembled and disassembled).

Lights  : All participating lanterns must have lights with total load not exceeding 100 watts of electricity supply.

Weight : Not more than 20kg

Others  : Mechanical moveable parts are optional but must be connected to the wiring circuit. Battery connections are not encouraged.

5. Contest participants must provide a Chinese and English title for the lantern.

6. Judging will be based on the following criteria:-

a) Creativity of Design  : 20 points

b) Workmanship & Finishing   : 25 points

c) Lighting Effects  : 15 points

d) Eco-friendly Aspects of the Lantern   : 10 points

e) Suitability of Material Used  : 10 points

f) Proximity to Theme : 10 points

g) Overall Presentation  : 10 points

7. All entries must be original works. If an entry is deemed by the judges or organizers, at its sole and absolute discretion, to be forged or plagiarized or made by a manufacturer or third party other than the Contest participant, such entry(ies) shall be disqualified and any prize awarded to it shall be revoked. It is the responsibility of each Contest participant to ensure that the entry submitted does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party or any laws. By submitting entries to the Contest, it shall be deemed that the Contest participant has warranted that the entry submitted is their own work and that they own the intellectual property rights for it.

8. The submitted entry must not have previously entered and won a prize in any other similar contests.

9. Contest participants are not allowed to touch-up or make alterations to the lantern once submitted.

10. The organizer and / or judges reserve the sole and absolute discretion to reject the entry or deduct points if the lantern submitted does not comply with the standard requirements outlined in item no. 4.

11. The judging of the Creative Lantern Making Contest will be held on 11 August 2019 (Sunday), 7 p.m. at LG Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall. Contest participants are required to bring their lantern to Cheras LeisureMall between 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. on 11 August 2019. Any entries submitted before 10.00 a.m. on 11 August 2019 or after 2.00 p.m. on 11 August 2019 will not be accepted and shall be disqualified.

12. There is no limit on the number of entries which can be submitted by participants to the Contest. Each winner is entitled to one prize only and all prizes are not exchangeable for cash.

13. The organizer reserves the right and sole and absolute discretion to reject any entry deemed unsuitable for display or offensive in nature.

14. The judges’ decision is final and no further requests, claims, correspondence or queries whatsoever will be entertained.

15. The organizer will not be responsible for any mishap or malfunction or loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused to the lanterns during, before and after the judging.

16. After the judging on 11 August 2019 at the time stipulated in item no. 11 herein, the organizer shall have the right to display any selected lanterns at Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall from 11 August 2019 until 14 September 2019.

17. The organizer will not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to the lanterns whatsoever and howsoever caused while the lanterns are displayed pursuant to item no. 16 herein. Contest participants shall ensure that any lanterns submitted as an entry in the Contest shall be safe and will not cause damage to other lanterns or any part of Cheras LeisureMall. Contest participants may reclaim their lanterns after the Prize Giving Ceremony between 15 September – 16 September 2019 from the Information Counter at LG Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall during Cheras LeisureMall’s opening hours. Any lanterns not claimed after 30 September 2019 will be disposed of without any further notice to the owners of the lanterns concerned and no claims for compensation will be entertained.

18. Announcement of the Contest results and the Prize Giving Ceremony will be held on 15 September (Saturday), 11.00 a.m. at LG Concourse, Cheras LeisureMall. All participants are required to attend the Prize Giving Ceremony.

19. The organizer retains all rights to publish and use the names, personal details, photographs and/or video recordings of the participants including all materials submitted during the Contest for the purposes of advertising and/or promotion and/or trade publicity for the Contest, without any prior notice to the participants and/or their parents/guardians who by submitting their entries to the Contest hereby consent to such use by the organizer. All Contest participants and/or their parents/guardians on behalf of the participants shall not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of claims or compensation whatsoever on any of the materials submitted during the Contest. By submitting an entry to the Contest, each participant and/or their parents/guardians hereby consent to continue receiving promotional materials and information from PPB Group Berhad.

20. The organizer reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to suspend, modify or terminate this Contest at any time without prior notice.

21. The organizer reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to amend the terms and conditions mentioned above or in connection with the Contest at any time without prior notice.

22. The organizer will not be responsible for any accident, mishap, death, damage or injuries occurring during the Contest or in connection with the Contest in any manner whatsoever. No claims of any kind can be made against the organizer.

23. The organizer’s decision is final and no further requests, claims or correspondence whatsoever will be entertained.

24. Upon submitting the lantern together with the duly completed entry form, the participant and/or their parent/guardian on behalf of the participant is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this Contest and the participant and/or their parent/guardian acknowledges that he/she has read and understood PPB Group Berhad’s Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice which can be found on Cheras LeisureMall’s Facebook Page ( and consents or for parents/guardians, have consented on behalf of the participants, to the usage, collecting, recording and processing of his/her personal data for the purposes stated in such notice and in connection herein. Please direct any enquiries or requests in respect of matters pertaining to personal data to the Marketing & Promotion Department. Tel: 03 9130 5088, Email: