U Mobile
L2 - 73A


U Mobile is a data-centric and multiple award-winning mobile data service company in Malaysia.

U Mobile’s made it their mission to challenge the status quo and give Malaysians what they value – mobile and digital services that enable you to pursue your passions and feel truly unlimited. With their new 1800MHz and 900MHz spectrum bands switched on, U Mobile in the best position to deliver on that promise!

U Mobile is known for introducing affordable products to the market such as the Giler Unlimited postpaid and prepaid plans. With this offering, customers get to enjoy unlimited data for all smartphone apps for as little as RM50 for postpaid and RM30 for prepaid.

Apart from affordable plans, U Mobile is always innovating to bring first-of-its-kind digital services to the market such as Go Life, a life micro-insurance which can be applied and managed entirely on the mobile phone for as little as RM5 per month.

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