Sorella & Pierre Cardin
G - 17


Sorella believes every woman is unique and should be proud of her curves. This is why Sorella focuses on lingerie that enhances and contours, helping you achieve correct body support, express your femininity and boost your self-confidence. Sorella aims to share with women the importance of getting the right fit and function, the correct way to measure yourself to improve your female form through different types of lingerie, and increase your understanding of breast health and physical well-being.

Pierre Cardin Lingerie was officially introduced into Singapore in 1995 and, with its distinct French elegance and sexy designs, instantly captured the attention of women. It is Pierre Cardin’s aspiration to provide women with the perfect fit. As such, more product lines were designed with the Asian women in mind. Hoping to satisfy the needs of the modern woman, Piere Cardin Lingerie’s launched several campaigns since 1996, cementing the brand and design philosophy of Pierre Cardin Lingerie.

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