Little Urban Farmer Workshop

3-4 June 2023

Enrol your kids in our Little Urban Farmer Workshop conducted by the indoor urban farm expert, Ponicspace, to learn about vegetable planting in conjunction with World Environmental Day! 

The purpose of Little Urban Farmer Workshop is to help children to:
1) Learn how to plant vegetables from A to Z
2) Focus on completing a task and achieving a goal
3) Build healthy eating habits
4) Learn to have gratitude for food and the people around them
5) Build memories with their parents
6) Reuse plastic for planting

Workshop Sessions
Dates: 3-4 June 2023; Venue: Level 1, LeisurePlex (near Natural Health Farm), Cheras LeisureMall
1) 11am – 12pm
2) 2pm – 3pm
3) 3.30pm – 4.30pm
4) 5pm – 6pm

Spend a minimum of RM50.00 in a single receipt at Cheras LeisureMall from 1-4 June 2023 to redeem a FREE workshop entry*. Open to participants aged 4 -12. Limited to 10 participants per session on a first-come, first-served basis. Register now:

*Terms & conditions apply.


1. Redeem an entry to participate in the Little Urban Farmer Workshop (“Workshop”) when you spend a minimum of RM50.00 in a single receipt at participating outlets in Cheras LeisureMall (excluding promotional kiosks) by presenting eligible receipt(s).
2. Interested participants are required to book a Workshop session via the online registration form available on Cheras LeisureMall’s social media pages. Limited spaces available and on a first-come first-served basis.
3. Registered participants are required to check-in at the workshop booth at Level 1, LeisurePlex, Cheras LeisureMall, and present an eligible receipt dated 1-4 June 2023 at least 30 minutes prior to the booked Workshop session. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the Workshop booking.
4. Only original machine-generated receipts dated 1-4 June 2023 with the merchants’ name clearly visible will be accepted. All other receipts, such as credit card transaction receipts, hand written, accumulated, goods return receipts, duplicate or re-print receipt(s) and deposit receipts etc., will not be accepted.
5. Receipts for transactions from money changers, bill payment and credit top-up are not valid for participation in the abovementioned workshop and will not be accepted. Receipt(s) which have been used to participate in one particular event or activity cannot be re-used for another event or activity which may be simultaneously taking place at Cheras LeisureMall.
6. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any receipt(s) that are incomplete, illegible or not original or which do not satisfactorily show proof of purchase.
7. Employees, tenants and promoters of Cheras LeisureMall are not eligible to participate in this Workshop and are not permitted to redeem an entry on behalf of customers.
8. The organizer will not be responsible for any damage, loss, death, accident, mishap or injuries occurring during the workshop or in connection with the workshop in any manner whatsoever. No claims of any kind can be made against the organizer. By participating in the workshop, the participant understands and agrees that he/she is joining the workshop at his/her own risk and that no claims of any kind can be made against the organizer.
9. The organizer retains all rights to publish and use the names, personal details, photographs and/or video recordings of the participants including all materials submitted during the workshop for the purposes of advertising and/or trade publicity for promotions, without any prior notice to the participants and/or their parents/guardians who by submitting their entries to the workshop hereby consent or for parents/guardians, have consented on behalf of the participants, to such use by the organizer. All participants and/or their parents/guardians on behalf of the participants shall not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of claims or compensation whatsoever on any of the materials submitted to enter the workshop. By submitting an entry to the workshop, each participant and/or their parents/guardians hereby consent to continue receiving promotional materials and information from PPB Group Berhad.
10. The organizer reserves the rights at its sole and absolute discretion to amend the terms and conditions mentioned above or in connection with the Workshop at any time without prior notice.
11. The organizer reserves the rights at its sole and absolute discretion to suspend, modify or terminate this Workshop at any time without prior notice.
12. The organizer’s decision is final and no further requests, claims or correspondence whatsoever will be entertained.
13. Upon registering for the Workshop, the participant and/or their parent/guardian on behalf of the participant is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this Workshop and the participant acknowledges that he/she has read and understood PPB Group Berhad’s Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice which can be found on Cheras LeisureMall’s website ( and consents to the usage, collecting, recording and processing of his/her personal data for the purposes stated in such notice and in connection herein. Please direct any enquiries or requests in respect of matters pertaining to personal data to the Marketing & Promotion Department. Tel: 03 9130 5088, Email:
14. For more information, more information, please send your WhatsApp message to 60 159-224 7193 or call 603-9132 2386.