Limited Access to the Mall

Limited Access to the Mall
by Cheras LeisureMall
until 31 March 2020

In light of the recent nationwide movement control order announced by the Government, our premises will remain accessible to the public in a restricted manner. Our supermarket, pharmacies, convenience stores, telcos, and postal services remain open to serve your daily need. F&B outlets will be providing food delivery & takeaway services only.

Accessible entrances during this period:-

1. LG Carpark Entrance (P1 Carpark)
2. LG Entrance (McDonald’s)
3. Ground Floor Entrance (Dragon-i)
4. Level 1 Entrance (Kenny Rogers Roasters)
5. Level 2 Entrance (Secret Recipe)

We urge everyone to practise personal hygiene diligently, and maintain social distancing stringently. Let’s work together to stay safe!

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