Chinese Calligraphy Competition

14 - 22 January 2022
Challenge yourself to our calligraphy competition happening from tomorrow until the 22nd Jan 2022! All you have to do is drop by to check for any available slots when you’re around Cheras LeisureMall to register, and you’re on your way to win amazing cash prizes.
Be sure to bring your own supplies for the competition as well! Share this to your friends and family to join along the fun! Best of luck to everyone who is participating!
T&C apply.

– Date: 14 January 2022 – 22 January 2022
– Time: 11.00AM – 8.00PM
– Venue: Level 2, Leisureplex

Terms & Conditions:

1. This Contest, organised by Cheras LeisureMall and 7TH TONE CREATIVE (“Organiser”) is open to all.
2. There are three categories in this Contest:-
a. Category A: for children aged 7-12 years old
b. Category B: for children aged 13-17 years old
c. Category C: for 18 years old and above
3. Interested participants are required to bring their own supplies (i.e. brush and ink) on the Contest day. Only calligraphy paper will be provided by the Organiser.
4. Participants are required to submit their calligraphy art to the Organiser on the same day. For the avoidance of doubt, the Organiser will only accept a calligraphy art that is executed and completed at the time and venue as stipulated.
5. The score and ranking for the prizes will be based on the judges’ scores. Each category will be awarded the following prizes: –
a. Category A & Category B
– 1st Prize: RM120.00
– 2nd Prize: RM100.00
– 3rd Prize: RM80.00
– 5 Consolations: RM50.00

b. Category C
– 1st Prize: RM150.00
– 2nd Prize: RM120.00
– 3rd Prize: RM100.00
– 5 Consolations: RM80.00

6. The judges’ decision is final and no further requests, claims, correspondence or queries whatsoever will be entertained.
7. The Organiser reserves the rights to disqualify winners who are found to be in breach of the rules and regulations stated herein.
8. Each winner is entitled to one prize only and all prizes are not exchangeable for cash.
9. Winners will be announced on Cheras LeisureMall Facebook Page and Instagram page within 14 days from the last day of Contest.
10. Each participant agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and decision(s) of the Organiser.
11. The Organiser will not be responsible for any damage, loss, death or injury incurred by participants due to technical problems or data leaks occurring due to the usage of Facebook or any other social media or in connection with the Contest in any manner whatsoever. By submitting an entry to the Contest, the participant understands and agrees that he / she is joining the Contest at his / her own risk and that no claims of any kind can be made against the Organiser.
12. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, death or injury arising from the usage of the prizes or in connection with the Contest in any manner whatsoever. No claims of any kind shall be made against the Organiser.
13. The Organiser will not be held liable in the event any winner of the Contest cannot be contacted for whatever reasons and in such an event, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the winner and select an alternative winner.
14. The Organiser retains all rights to publish and use the names, personal details, photographs and / or video recordings of the participants including all materials submitted during the Contest for the purposes of advertising and / or trade publicity for promotions, without any prior notice to the participants and/or their parents/guardians who by submitting their entries to the Contest hereby consent or for parents/guardians, have consented on behalf of the participants, to such use by the organizer. All participants and/or their parents/guardians on behalf of the participants shall not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of claims or compensation whatsoever on any of the materials submitted to enter the Contest. By submitting an entry to the Contest, each participant and/or their parents/guardians hereby consents to continue receiving promotional materials and information from PPB Group Berhad.
15. The Organiser reserves the rights at its sole and absolute discretion to amend the terms and conditions mentioned above or in connection with the Contest at any time without prior notice.
16. The Organiser reserves the rights at its sole and absolute discretion to suspend, modify or terminate this Contest at any time without prior notice.
17. The Organiser’s decision on any and all matters in respect of the Contest is final and conclusive and no further, challenges, objections, requests, claims or correspondence whatsoever will be entertained.
18. Upon submitting an entry to the Contest, the participant and/or their parent/guardian on behalf of the participant is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this Contest and the participant acknowledges that he / she has read and understood PPB Group Berhad’s Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice which can be found on Cheras LeisureMall’s Facebook Page ( and consents to the usage, collecting, recording and processing of his / her personal data for the purposes stated in such notice and in connection herein. Please direct any enquiries or requests in respect of matters pertaining to personal data to the Marketing & Promotion Department. Tel: 03-9130 5088, Email:
19. For more information, please call 03-9132 2386 or 03-9130 5088.